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Research positions available

The Intelligible Interactive Systems research unit at Hasselt University (UHasselt) – Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM) conducts research in uncovering new and interesting ways to interact with complex computing systems and computing systems using some type of embedded intelligence (e.g. machine learning). We are also part of the Data Intelligence and Computation research unit, where we focus on interaction with complex data, data processing algorithms and data visualisation.

Within this scope we work, amongst others, on user interface software and technologies, interface design tools, engineering processes for building complex systems, human-robot interaction, intelligent and distributed user interfaces, and virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions. We are a Flanders Make core lab and through this framework we try to help Flemish industry to innovate. We are also part of the Flemish AI Initiative and are involved in “Grand Challenge 4: Human-like AI”.

We adhere to the principle of combining Applied and Basic research (the ABC principle as coined by Ben Schneiderman in his book The New ABCs of Research: Achieving Breakthrough Collaborations). We aim at high impact research in top-tier technical venues of HCI and valorize work via spinoffs and licenses. Our research work often cross the boundaries of several domains, including computer science, design, physics, and various types of engineering. Research is often done in collaboration with other research units at EDM.


We have PhD positions and research internships available within our research unit. Contact me and apply through our university website here:

The topic of the PhD will be discussed together with the candidate but will be aligned with the research focus of the research unit. Fully-funded PhD position for a period of 2+2years. A positive evaluation is needed after two years to start the next period. Candidates get the opportunity and are encouraged to do at least one international internship during the PhD.


The candidate has (or will have in the near future) a master degree in computer science, civil engineering, or equivalent. As our group conducts technical research in HCI, strong technical skills are required and a specialization in HCI is desired. Candidates have to be motivated to progress the state of the art, open for collaboration with others, be able to adopt new skills quickly, have an independent work style, and value and contribute to a work environment that is stimulating and fun.

Some examples of our previous work