We will be organizing a workshop on Engineering Interactive Systems Embedding AI Technologies at the EICS 2024 conference – Tuesday June 24th or June 25th 2024 in Caglieri, Italy. Submissions welcome.

I am very excited to join the organisation team for this second Workshop on Engineering Interactive Systems Embedding AI Technologies. The Call for Papers will follow soon.

This workshop is the second edition and aims to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the engineering of interactive systems that embed AI technologies (as for instance, AI-based recommender systems) or that use AI during the engineering lifecycle. The overall objective is to identify (from experience reported by participants) methods, techniques, and tools to support the use and inclusion of AI technologies in the whole engineering lifecycle for interactive systems. A specific focus will be on guaranteeing that user-relevant properties such as usability and user experience are accounted for. Another focus will be on the identification and definition of software architectures supporting those integration.


Alan Dix, Sven Mayer, Philippe Palanque, Emanuele Panizzi, Lucio Davide Spano, Jurgen Ziegler and Kris Luyten.