Research positions in Human-Computer Interaction / Computer Science / Human-AI Interaction

HCI researcher positions (both PhD and optional PhD). One is a PhD position working with me and our team on Human-AI Interaction and related domains, another one is on worker wellbeing in the manufacturing industry.

Apply here for the PhD position and here for the HCI researcher in worker wellbeing position.

1. HCI PhD Position in Human-Computer/AI/Robot Interaction

We are seeking talented and driven (future) researchers who are ready to immerse themselves in a challenging and stimulating doctoral program within the research unit “Intelligible Interactive Systems” at the Expertise Center for Digital Media. At our research center, you will have the opportunity to become a part of a passionate multi-disciplinary research team. Together with dedicated researchers, we strive to make fundamental research contributions that have a direct impact on the real world. Our team has a strong reputation for publishing groundbreaking work at top conferences in the research domain. Additionally, we are committed to fostering international collaboration, providing you with the chance to expand your network and forge valuable connections in the academic world.

Specifically, we are looking for candidates who have a strong interest in building an impressive track record in one or more of the following research domains:

  • Human-Computer Interaction:_ Engage in Software Engineering for Interactive Systems, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Tangible and Embodied Interaction, and create innovative user experiences.
  • Human-AI Interaction: Dive into the realm of eXplainable AI, Intelligible Design, Human-Robot Interaction, Mixed-Initiative Systems, and develop new interactive methods bridging the gap between humans and artificial intelligence.
  • Cyber-Physical Systems: Explore Spatial Computing, Industrial CPS and Worker Well-being, Interaction with Distributed Systems (e.g., IoT), and contribute to the development of future technologies that enhance the interaction between humans and their environment.

Besides research, we value teaching and training students at Hasselt University so expect to be confronted with Dutch speaking students.

Contact me for more information on this position. Apply here.

2. HCI Research: Worker Wellbeing in the Manufacturing Industry

You will contribute to research projects focused on the manufacturing industry, with a focus on worker wellbeing. The research work will allow you to innovate in domains such as Human-AI Interaction, Intelligible Interactive Systems, and Engineering of Interactive Systems. Your tasks will involve conceiving innovative concepts and, primarily, developing demonstrators and functional working prototypes.

As a valued member of a multidisciplinary project team, you will collaborate with researchers from other complementary research groups and innovation-oriented companies. In this dynamic environment, you will present your research findings to stakeholders, publish them in scientific publications, and showcase them at academic forums.

Outstanding researchers have the opportunity to advance to a doctoral trajectory in the subsequent phase, based on their interests and the availability of funding. Join us on this exciting journey where you can make a significant impact on the manufacturing industry and employee wellbeing through cutting-edge research and innovation.

Contact Eva Geurts, Gustavo Rovelo or me for more information. Apply here.

Here are some examples of recent research within the research unit “Intelligible Interactive Systems”: